Hearing Care and Hearing Aid Services

Preventative health suggestions have helped millions of people have a better life. “Eat well, sleep more, drink water and exercise more” has been a mantra for better health for decades. Protecting your heart and eating foods that protect against disease are great health suggestions.

The same is true for protecting your hearing. While foods and exercise are good for all of the body, there are specific steps you can take to protect your hearing. Hearing loss has many causes and not all are preventable, but ear protection is a must for anyone exposed to loud or constant noise.

If you need hearing aids, Hunter Hearing Center offers products and services that are second to none. We will fit and test the hearing aid that is right for you.

Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Earmolds are formed plastic inserts for your outer ear. They are part of a hearing aid system or are used for hearing protection. Every earmold is made to fit your ear, which is as unique as your fingerprint.

Earplugs used for hearing protection come in many shapes and sizes. They are used for general or specific protection against sharp or sustained noise. 

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

Once you have been prescribed hearing aids, our technicians will explain each type and which are most likely to fill your needs. Hearing aids are tiny marvels of engineering and electronics today. They perform many functions automatically and come in many style and sizes.

Some hearing devices will not be appropriate for you due to size, power and ease of use. Other hearing aids will be suited to help your exact hearing loss. 

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Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

Technicians at Hunter Hearing Center know that you are concerned about every aspect of better hearing. We explain the types of hearing devices and why they are good for your needs. From behind-the-ear, powerful models to tiny in-the-ear-canal devices, we will fit and test your new hearing aid until you are completely satisfied.

Using a hearing aid is a process: you will try it at first and we will adjust it for you. 
Hearing aids require an adjustment period to help your brain better process sounds again. We will adjust the automatic functions and you will be able to adjust other functions like loudness and connectivity. Hearing aids can connect to your cellphone wirelessly and sense when noise levels change.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Your hearing device will need to be cleaned and maintained so it performs at its best all the time. Small wires or other small pieces can break. We offer repair and maintenance services for all kinds of hearing aids. 

We will show you the cleaning regimen when you purchase a device, but you might want to have us clean it periodically; we can remove parts of the device that you will be instructed not to remove. This is a normal process.

Many repairs can be done in our office but some will be done by a factory authorized repair center. We will take care of that for you as well. 

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Industrial Hearing Screenings

People who work in loud environments experience hearing loss at a greater rate than those is quieter settings. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires such work environments to test employees’ hearing periodically. The workers are then referred for hearing health services the normal way. OSHA sets standards for hearing testing in these cases.

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Live Speech Mapping

Most people who complain about their hearing are focused on their ability to understand speech, although this is certainly not the only reason. Speech mapping is done in an office where a relative or friend speaks at normal levels and your ability to hear and understand is monitored by computer and repetition of the words.

Live speech mapping is a tool for determining your ability in a closed setting that determines very fine hearing ability attributes.

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Musician's Ear Plugs and Monitors: Evaluation and Fitting

Working in the music industry is one of the specialized areas susceptible to hearing loss but, where hearing the music clearly is critical. Hearing protection products for musicians and music technicians are specialized for this purpose. Monitors with earmolds are ideal for this purpose.

Earmolds for musicians include a special filter that allows music frequencies to be heard but volume and damaging frequencies to be limited. There are versions of earplugs that do this as well. Workers in music venues should have hearing protection, but not necessarily musicians’ hearing monitors.

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